UBL Islamic Mortgage

United Bank UK was one of the first banks to offer Shari’ah compliant Islamic IJARA mortgages in the United Kingdom.

Our Islamic Ijara Mortgage gives you a simple and flexible way to own your own property, and the satisfaction of knowing you are acting in accordance with Shari’ah law.

Buying property is often the biggest single purchase a person or family will make, and, as a Muslim, it is not always the easiest – especially in the United Kingdom. Shari’ah law states that all transactions should take place without the payment or charging of Riba (interest), which can make a conventional mortgage unsuitable (where a customer takes out a loan that is repaid with interest).

The UBL Islamic Ijara Mortgage has been specially developed to avoid interest; it works on the principle of leasing (Ijarah), so you never pay Riba.

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