Islamic Banking

About Ameen Islamic Banking

Following extensive and careful consultation with our Shari'ah Advisor, United Bank UK launched Ameen Islamic Banking to help our customers to bank interest free. The products that we offer in the Ameen Islamic Banking range are rigorously analysed to ensure that your money is kept in accordance with Shari'ah principles. Ameen Islamic Banking Accounts are seperated from conventional banking activity, and deposits are carefully invested in Shari'ah comlpiant investments for the benefit of our customers.

You can be assured that where you see the Ameen Islamic Banking logo, the products and services meet with strict Shari'ah compliance.

About Our Shari'ah Advisor

Mufti Barkatulla Abdul Kadir, previously the Senior Imam of the North Finchley Mosque in London, has authorised the Ameen Islamic Banking products and services. He is assured that they are Shari'ah compliant, and is satisfied with how your money will be used. Trained as a Mufti in 1974, he graduated in Islamic Studies from the prestigious Darul Uloom University in India. Mufti Barkatulla Abdul Kadir is one of the Shari'ah judges in the Islamic Shari'ah Council, and a member of the Shari'ah supervisory panel for several Islamic financial institutions.

Our Products and Services

We have a variety of products that can help you manage your finances in a manner that is compliant with your faith, you can find out more by clicking on the below product types:

Islamic Current Account

Islamic Notice Account

Islamic Fixed Term Deposit Account

Islamic Home Purchase Plan

Islamic Buy to Let Purchase Plan

For more information please visit your local branch, or complete the enquiry form here and someone will be in touch within two working days.