The UBL UK Ameen Islamic Current Account offers a convenient way to manage your everyday banking in a manner that fits with your faith. Benefit from a named Community Relationship Manager, with a Bank that shares your values.

The Ameen Islamic Current Account does not pay or charge interest (Riba) and is structured on the Islamic financial principle of Qard. In addition, we do not use the funds deposited in your Ameen Islamic Current Account in interest-based business activities. Instead we are committed to financing only Shari’ah-compliant products, meaning your beliefs won’t be compromised by your everyday financial needs.

The Shari’ah compliance of this product has been authorised by Mufti Barkatulla Adbul Kadir, former Senior Imam of North Finchley Mosque. Mufti Barkatulla is a Shari’ah judge at the Islamic Shari’ah Council.


Please Note: It is important that you do not go below a £0 balance as UBL UK do not offer an overdraft facility on this Account.

Good for

  • Managing your day to day spending in accordance with your faith
  • Withdrawing cash at ATM’s with your debit card (maximum £250 per day withdrawal limit)
  • Setting up and paying direct debits and standing orders for utility bills and service providers
  • Receiving your monthly salary

Not good if

  • You wish to earn profit on any balances


  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals up to the maximum allowable balance
  • Shari'ah compliant, no interest is charged or received on this Account
  • Comes complete with debit card, cheque book and internet banking
  • Eligible for over 18’s only 
  • No Minimum Deposit
  • No Maximum Deposit
  • FSCS protected up to £85,000 for each eligible depositor
  • UBL UK does not offer overdraft facilities on Islamic Accounts
  • What services come with this Account?

    Mastercard Debit Card – make contactless payments up to £30, manage everyday spending and withdraw up to £250 per day wherever you see the Mastercard logo.

    Cheque Book – issue cheques using your UBL UK cheque book.

    Online And Mobile Banking – manage your Account online using, or on our mobile app by searching 'UBL UK Mobile Banking' in your app store.

    Alerts – stay in control of your spending with our SMS and email transaction alerts, and now you can set up transaction alerts for push notification on mobile banking.

    Safety Deposit Box – Ameen Islamic Current Account holders may apply for a Safety Deposit Box.

    International Transfers – send money to friends and loved ones in Pakistan using your Islamic Current Account to fund a UBL UK NetRemit transaction.

  • Is UBL UK a member of the Current Account Switch Guarantee?

    UBL UK is not a member of the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

  • How do I open and manage my Account


    You must be;

    • Aged 18 or over
    • Have proof of identity

    Minimum/Maximum Balance:

    • There is no minimum balance
    • The maximum balance is £1,000,000

    How to open the Account:

    The fastest way to apply for UBL UK Islamic Current Account is using your mobile device with our fully digital application process, simply search 'UBL UK Mobile Banking' in your app store, or follow the direct links below;

    Apple Devices

    Android Devices

    You may also complete the Application Form,  and then return it along with verified copies of your Photo ID and either a Bank Statement or Utility Bill as Proof of Address dated within the last 3 months. However this may take up to 15 Working Days to process, forms can be returned in the following ways:

    • In branch: Visit any of our branches Monday to Friday between 9:30am and 4pm
    • In writing: By post, sending instructions to: FREEPOST: RSSA-GJRS-KBCT, UBL UK Central Operations, 391-393 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B11 4JZ (all written instructions must be countersigned and dated by all named Account holders)

    Please make sure that you select the links below and read and understand the Personal Banking Terms and Conditions where you will find full details of the Account, before you apply:

    Personal Banking Terms and Conditions

    How we protect your deposits

    Profit Rate Sheet

    Islamic Banking Schedule of Charges

  • Additional Information

    This account can be held in single or joint names.

How to apply



The fastest way to apply is through mobile device, simply search 'UBL UK Mobile Banking' in your app store or use the links below.

By post

By post

Applications can take up to 15 Working Days to process. Download the form, complete and return it to;

Freepost: RSSA-GJRS-KBCT, 
UBL UK Central Operations, 
391-393 Stratford Rd, 
Birmingham B11 4JZ

In branch

In branch

Pop into any UBL UK branch and our staff will be happy to help. In busier periods when staff may not be immediately available, we’ll be happy to book an appointment for a later date.