UBL UK Explains... an Introduction to Ameen Islamic Banking.

26th February 2020, London: Today, UBL UK launched the first video in a three-part video series designed to help our customers and the wider Muslim community build a better understanding of the ethical Islamic Banking products and services that we offer, and how they may use them to manage their finances in accordance with Shari'ah principles.

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Through extensive and careful consultation with our Shari'ah Advisor, UBL UK Ameen Islamic Banking can help the Muslim community to manage their finances without paying or receiving interest, with a bank that shares their values*.

Our range of ethical Islamic products and services are rigorously analysed to ensure that clients money, or home finance agreement is kept in accordance with their faith.

If you'd like to join a bank that shares your values, please click the button below to find out more information about our UBL UK Ameen Islamic Banking products and services and to assess if they are right for you.

To find out more about our UBL UK Ameen Islamic Banking products and services, click here.

*Subject to terms and conditions and eligibility criteria that can be found online or in one of our branches.

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