Correspondent Banking

Quality cash clearing to overseas markets

Our Correspondent Banking service enables quick and efficient cash clearing between London and financial institutions around the world. Specialising in emerging market transactions, we’ll help you send and receive payments via our trusted network of overseas banks.

Over the years, United Bank UK has built strong relationships with banks and financial institutions in emerging markets. As a result, we have a network of contacts and correspondents in countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Tanzania who can facilitate rapid cash clearing for beneficiaries in the UK or overseas.

If you’re awaiting payment from a bank in India, for example, we can act as the intermediary. We’ll receive payment from the bank, and then forward that payment to you. Conversely, we can help you send money to an overseas institution or individual through our network of emerging market banks. We can also process reimbursements on letters of credit.

It’s all about the strength of the relationships we’ve forged in those markets where major UK high- street banks have minimal reach and influence. Via our trusted overseas partners, you can send or receive US dollars, Euros, Yen or any other G8 currency, safe in the knowledge that your cash will be cleared swiftly and securely.

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