Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement

To be the best bank in our niche and to provide our customers with simple, convenient and quality products based on a culture of integrity, fairness and respect for all our stakeholders.

Our Values

Integrity in all we do.. we act openly while adhering to the highest principles and professional standards.

Fairness is in our DNA... we listen individually to all our staff and customers needs without self-interest or favouritism.

Respect our most valued assets...we value our staff and customers and the contribution they make to our success and evolution.

Teamwork in the heart of our results...our staff proactively work together to achieve the best results for our customers, employees and communities.

Humility enables us to evolve.. we value ideas that come from employees and customers. This allows us to learn and be flexible and open to changes that benefit our stakeholders.

Simplicity reflects the way we operate... we encourage simple and transparent interaction with our stakeholders to avoid complexity or difficulty.