Personal Schedule of Charges

UBL UK Personal Bank Account

Schedule of Charges

1. Payments/Account Services Charges
1.1 Cheque Returned Unpaid (Inward) £15.00
1.2 Cheque Returned Unpaid (Outward) £25.00
1.3 Cheque Collected in Special Clearing £25.00
1.4 Setting up standing order Free
1.5 Unpaid Standing Order £20.00
1.6 Unpaid Direct Debit £20.00
1.7 Stop Payment of Cheque £10.00
1.8 Stop Payment of Lost Chequebook £10.00
1.9 International collection(USD,GBP,EUR cheques) Clearing agent charges + £20.00
1.10 Foreign Cheque Returned Unpaid £20.00
1.11 Penalty for Fixed Deposits Withdrawn Before Maturity
Term of Deposit Penalty Charges
- 3 months 30 days gross interest
- 6 months 60 days gross interest
- 1 Year 90 days gross interest
- 2 Years 180 days gross interest
- 3 Years 270 days gross interest
- 5 Years 365 days gross interest
- 7 Years 730 days gross interest
Please refer to product's Terms and Conditions for more details
1.12 Duplicate Statement £2.50 per page
1.13 Temporary Account Statement £5
1.14 Online Easy Access Account Withdrawal Arrangements One free withdrawal each calendar month. £1 charge for each subsequent withdrawal within the same month
2. Safe Deposit Box
2.1 Annual fee
- Small £175 per annum
- Medium £225 per annum
- Large £275 per annum
Late Payment Charge £15/month
3. Transfers Abroad/International Transfer of Monies
3.1 Telegraphic Transfer (Account Holders) upto £100,000 £20.00
3.2 Telegraphic Transfer (Account Holders) over £100,000 £25.00
3.3 Telegraphic Transfer (NON-Account Holders) upto £100,000 £25.00
3.4 Telegraphic Transfer (NON-Account Holders) over £100,000 £30.00
3.5 Cash Handling Charges for NON-Account Holders (Telegraphic Transfer) 50p per £100
3.6 Amendments to Telegraphic Transfers £10.00
4. Issuance of Demand Draft and Payment Orders (All currencies)
4.1 Issuance of Demand Draft(Account Holders) £15.00
4.2 Issuance of Payment Order (Account Holders) £15.00
4.3 Issuance of Demand Draft/PO(NON-Account Holder) £20.00
4.4 Cash Handling Charges for NON-Account Holders (Issuance of Demand Draft/PO) 50p per £100
4.5 Cancellation Demand Draft(Account Holders) £15.00
4.6 Cancellation Payment Order(Account Holders) £15.00
4.7 Cancellation Demand Draft/PO(NON-Account Holders) £20.00
5. Home Remittances
5.1 Money Transfer to Pakistan (in PKR) Free of charge for GBP equivalent of £150 and above. £3 charge for transactions below £150
5.2 Money Transfer to Bangladesh (BDT) and India INR) £3.00
5.3 Cash Handling Charges for Bangladesh (BDT) and India (INR) for Non Account Holder 50p per £100
6. Domestic Payments
6.1 Transfer into an account with UBL UK (Internal Transfers) Free of charge
6.2 Domestic Payment within UK(GBP)-up to £100,000(in branch) £20.00
6.3 Domestic Payment within UK(GBP)-more than £100,000(in branch) £25.00
6.4 Domestic Payment within UK(GBP)-up to £10,000(via UBL Online Banking) Free of charge
7. Debit Card Charges
7.1 In UK (Local)
At a UK Cash Machine for GBP Withdrawal No Charge*
Purchase Transaction in the UK No Charge*
7.2 International Transactions
- At all Cash Machines/ATMs 2% (min £2 max £4)
Purchase Transactions No Charge*
- FX Margin 2.99%**
7.3 Other Debit Card Charges
Damaged Card Replacement £5.00
Lost/Stolen Card Replacement £5.00
PIN Mailer re-issue charges £5.00

*UBL UK would not charge anything on such transactions. However, the owner of the machine may levy some charges, but in such cases, customer is mostly informed by the machine.

**In addition all foreign currency transactions would be converted to GBP at prevailing exchange rate.

8. Overdrafts

A overdraft is a short-term way of borrowing money through a current account so you can make payments even though there isn’t enough money in your account to cover them.

"Authorised Overdrafts"

UBL UK currently offers overdrafts on a very limited basis; which are subject to application and approval. The amount of overdraft facility interest rate and arrangement fee will depend on your personal circumstances and will be decided by the bank on case to case basis.

"Unauthorised Overdrafts"

This occurs where there is no previously agreed facility (or you have used up the agreed "Authorised Overdrafts") on your current account and you make a payment instruction or incur charges on your account.

Unauthorised overdrafts will incur arrangement fee and interest charges as shown below.

All overdraft outstanding amounts and fees are repayable on demand.

Arrangement Fee Interest Rate %EAR***
£25 UBL UK Base Rate + 8%

UBL UK Base Rate is 3.25% as at 1st April 2018 (increasing to 3.50% on 01.11.2018).Overdraft interest will be calculated on daily basis on debit balance and deducted from your account is overdrawn without an overdraft facility or if your account goes over an agreed limit.

***EAR is Equivalent Annual Rate.This is the actual annual rate of an overdraft.It does not take into account other fees and charges.