Islamic Accounts

Expected Profit Rates on various products (effective from 01/12/20).

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Target Profit Rates for UBL Islamic Mudaraba Products(applicable to Personal and Business accounts)



Term of Deposit


GROSS from 25.01.2021

UBL UK Ameen Islamic 90 Day Notice Account




(Profit Rates)



Term of Deposit




UBL UK 6 Month Ameen Islamic Fixed Term Deposit




Profit paid at Maturity




UBL UK 1 Year Ameen Islamic Fixed Term Deposit




Profit paid at Maturity





Terms and Condition: Early withdrawal from deposit accounts is at the banks discretion and may result in a penalty charge.

For Fixed Deposit products, profit rates will remain fixed for the term of the investment once the account has been funded. Profit is not compounded.

For accounts not yet funded these rates may change. It is the customer’s responsibility to complete the required documentation and fund the account within 7 days of application.

If the bank decides to change profit rates, the rate you applied for will only be valid for 7 days from the date you submit your application. All rates are applicable from the date stated above.



Mudaraba is a partnership in which one party provides the capital and the other party provides the expertise. The capital provider is called “Rabb-al mal” and the expert is called “Mudarib”. The Mudarib deploys the Rabb-al mal’s money to generate profit which is not guaranteed. The actual profit generated by the Mudarib is shared between both parties according to a pre-agreed ratio.

It is a Sharia’a requirement that the mechanism for distributing profit must be clearly known in a manner that eliminates uncertainty and any possibility of dispute.


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