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Are you a Business Customer?


I visit the following branch most often
I am satisfied with overall service of the branch I visit.


Which of the following UBL UK Products have you used most often in the past 3 months?
I am satisfied that the UBL UK Products and Services meet my banking requirement expectations adequately.
I received the level of service on the Products and Service as I anticipated.
Are there any Products and Services you are interested in which we do not offer currently?


UBL UK Products literature is clear and easy to understand.
UBL UK’s website is useful and easy to navigate.
The written information I receive from UBL UK is clear and easy to follow and tells me what I need to know.
When I request information on UBL UK Products, it is provided to me promptly.
When I have queries about documentation or literature, they are answered by the UBL UK’s staff to my satisfaction.


How would you rate your overall satisfaction with UBL UK?
If a friend or associate were to ask , how likely are you to recomend UBL UK for their banking needs?
How likely are you to continue using UBL UK for your future needs?
UBL UK responds promptly to the messages I leave.
Which area(s) do you believe we need the most improvement?
Please indicate whether you were satisfied or not with the following areas of the UBL UK Sales Team\'s performance.
I was satisfied with the follow up that I received relating to my enquiry (if received).


UBL UK promptly acknowledged my complaint.
I am happy with UBL UK’s complaint procedure
I am satisfied with the response given to me as a result of my complaint.
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