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UBL UK regularly attend local events in support of the communities that we serve across the country. 

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UBL UK Remain top of the 3 and 5 year conventional fixed rate cash ISA tables, as Covid-19 drives caution in the face of a turbulent economic outlook

UBL UK supporting UK Savers

UBL UK eyes further growth ahead in its Residential Real Estate business

UBL UK has cemented their commitment to the Residential Real Estate space, growing their portfolio of lending to professional landlords by 9.6% in the second quarter of 2020.

UBL UK is here to support you during the Coronavirus Outbreak

During these uncertain times, UBL UK appreciate that you may be worried about how COVID-19 may affect your finances. Read on to find out how we will help.

Important Customer Announcement

Due to a Covid related incident in our Contact Centre, and in order to protect our colleagues and customers, we have taken measures to deploy our Contact Centre staff remotely. Whilst we endeavour to answer all calls with minimal disruption, there may be some delays and line quality issues as a result of this necessary action. As our team are going to be working remotely, we are likely to experience delays in processing physical documentation sent into our Operations Department.

If you are an Internet or Mobile Banking user, please consider using the Secure Message function for general enquiries (which includes sending PDF scanned copies of any ISA transfer in forms).

We thank you for your patience and consideration during this challenging time and we apologise for any disruption that this may cause.