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With our electronic Money Transfer service, you can send money to friends and family in Pakistan using via your mobile device or computer, or through one of our local Branches, providing you have a UK debit or credit card as well as valid proof of address and photographic ID. 

UBL UK NetRemit is a reliable, convenient and secure way to send money to Pakistan. With funds sent and received within minutes, both you and the beneficiary will receive instant text or email confirmation of the transaction. This service is free for all remittances of £90 or more, with a £3 charge applicable to any remittances less than £90 (i.e. £89.99 and below).

Between 13th April 2020 and 24th May 2020, we will donate 25p to Edhi International Foundation UK for every successful transaction made through UBL UK NetRemit. Support your loved ones, and the wider community with UBL UK.

Money Transfers to Pakistan

Funds will typically be available in the recipients account within 24 to 48 hours, or a Tezraftaar can be made available within 72 hours. Alternatively, your beneficiary can pick up money directly from a UBL Pakistan Branch cash counter. We can make a transfer direct into any bank account in Pakistan.

For any other enquiries, please contact us on or call us on 0121 753 6000.


*Effective from Wednesday 31st January 2018, UBL UK no longer accept cash (at any of our Branches) as a payment method for remittances to Pakistan.

**Effective from 3rd October 2018, we will require proof of source of funds for all transactions of £10,000 or more, either in a single transaction or multiple transactions within a 3-month period.

Please Note: In order to ensure that we continue to comply with money transfer rules and regulations, we require that you provide your beneficiary's CNIC number on all remittances to Pakistan through United Bank UK. These changes are now effective and this is now a mandatory requirement.

UBL UK also generates revenue from currency exchange.

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In Branch

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