Fast, Secure and Convenient Money Transfers

With UBL UK NetRemit, you can send money to your loved ones in Pakistan at your convenience through our Internet or Mobile Banking app or by visiting us in Branch.

You can access our money transfer service to Pakistan online at If you are a new customer, you can apply by following the link and selecting ‘Sign up’ to register. Alternatively, you can download our free app on iOS and Android devices by searching  ‘UBL UK Remittances’ on the app store. You can join by selecting ‘New Customer’ and following the step-by-step registration instructions.

Money transfers to Pakistan can only be made through a UK Debit Card of the registered account holder.

It can usually take up to 48 hours for your funds to arrive. Please note, the timeframes may be subject to variation should the circumstances of the transaction change, meaning the transaction may take longer, or it may arrive much sooner.

For more information regarding the UBL UK NetRemit service, you can visit and select ‘How it works’ for our frequently asked questions.

*Subject to terms and conditions and eligibility for each account type.



Good For:

  • Sending money to individuals in Pakistan
  • Sending amounts up to £20,000
  • Making regular payments

Not Good If:

  • You wish to make payments for business purposes
  • You wish to send more than £20,000

There is a £3 fee for transactions of £89.99, and below, transactions of £90 or more are fee-free.

We will require proof of source of funds for all transactions of £10,000 or more, either in a single transaction or multiple transactions within 3 months.

Please Note: To ensure that we continue to comply with money transfer rules and regulations, we require that you provide your beneficiary's CNIC number on all remittances to Pakistan through UBL UK. These changes are now effective, and this is now a mandatory requirement.

UBL UK also generates revenue from currency exchange.

How To Apply



Download 'UBL UK Remittances' on your iOS or Android device from your app store using the links below

In Branch

In Branch

Visit us in Branch to register for an Account