Fixed term savings for your business

Our Fixed Term Deposits (FTDs) give you attractive rates of interest, offering security, commercial advantage and peace of mind. If you’re looking for competitive, fixed-term deposits for your Business or Trust account, we currently offer a range of investment terms and options.

We offer GBP and USD Business Fixed Term Deposit Accounts.

Good For

  • Saving when you know you will not need access to the funds for a fixed period

Not Good If

  • You may need access to your funds before the fixed term has ended

More Information

  • What is the interest rate?

    It is a fixed rate as shown in the table below:-

    GBP Fixed Term Deposits

    Term Interest Rate (AER/Gross)
    1 Month 0.05%
    3 Month 0.10%
    6 Month 0.15%
    1 Year 1.50%
    2 Year 1.65%
    3 Year 1.85%
    4 Year 2.30%
    5 Year 2.30%
    7 Year 2.30%

    USD Fixed Term Deposits

    Term Interest Rate (AER/Gross)
    1 Month 0.25%
    3 Month 0.35%
    6 Month 0.60%
    1 Year 0.75%

    Rates correct as at 12.05.2022

    You can choose to have your interest paid monthly (for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 year FTD), annually (for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 year FTD), or maturity of the deposit. Please refer to Interest Rate Sheet for Gross Rates on different interest payment options.

    Interest is calculated daily and credited monthly, annually, or at maturity of the deposit depending on your selection. This cannot be amended once the selection is confirmed.

    Interest will be paid out to an account nominated by you at the time of account opening. This account must be in your name.

    Interest is not added to your principal amount at the selected frequency unless you have selected interest payment at maturity.

  • Can UBL UK change the interest rate?

    No. This account has a fixed rate of interest so the rate will not change during the term.

  • What would the estimated balance be at the end of the term based on the minimum required deposit?

    Below is an example of what the future balance might be after interest has been paid.

    1 Month £2,000 0.05% £2,000.08
    3 Month £2,000 0.10% £2,000.54
    6 Month £2,000 0.15% £2,001.50
    1 Year £2,000 1.50% £2,030.00
    2 Year £2,000 1.65% £2,066.54
    3 Year £2,000 1.85% £2,113.07
    4 Year £2,000 2.30% £2.190.45
    5 Year £2,000 2.30% £2,240.83
    7 Year £2,000 2.30% £2,345.09
    1 Month $2,000 0.25% $2,000.42
    3 Month $2,000 0.35% $2,001.75
    6 Month $2,000 0.60% $2,006.00
    1 Year $2,000 0.75% $2,015.00

    Assumptions taken for above calculations;

    • Calculations based on minimum deposit of £2,000
    • No change in the amount (no deposits, no withdrawal)
    • No change to the interest rate during the fixed term
    • Interest payment on maturity assumed

    These projections are provided for illustrative purposes only and do not take into account individual circumstances.

  • How do I open and manage the Account?


    You must be;

    • Aged 18 or over
    • Have proof of identity

    Minimum/Maximum Balance:

    • There is no minimum balance

    How to open the Account:

    In order to apply for the account, you will need to Download the Application Form, complete and then return it along with verified copies of your Photo ID and either a Bank Statement or Utility Bill with your home address dated within the last 3 months in the following ways:

    • Via post: FREEPOST: RSSA-GJRS-KBCT, UBL UK Central Operations, 391-393 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B11 4JZ
    • In branch: Visit one of our branches

    You can contact our Customer Services Team on 0121 753 6000 Monday to Friday between 9:15am and 5:15pm for more information.

    Please make sure that you read the Business Banking Terms and Conditions before you apply for this Account.

    More information about ID and Verification can be found here

  • Can I withdraw money?

    Withdrawals are not permitted before the maturity date.

  • Additional Information

    This account can be held in single or joint names.

    Some business transactions will incur a fee, the fees attributed to this Account can be found in the Business Banking Schedule of Charges

    The Account can be opened by Sole Proprietors, Limited Liability Partnerships, Trusts and Limited Companies.

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