Product overview

The UBL UK ACE Current Account offers a convenient way to manage your everyday banking. 


Key features and benefits:

  • Free every day banking as long as you stay in credit
  • Bank your way: Internet and Mobile Banking, Branch Counter Services, Cheque Book, Debit Card and SMS and Email Transaction Alerts
  • FSCS protection up to £85,000 for each eligible depositor
  • Use your ACE Current Account to send money to friends and family in Pakistan
  • No minimum monthly deposit requirement
  • Withdraw up to £250 per day using your Mastercard Debit Card

Keep in mind:

  • UBL UK do not offer Arranged Overdrafts
  • If your Account goes into Unapproved Overdraft, you will be subject to Unapproved Overdraft Fees.
  • How do I open and manage my Account


    You must be;

    • Aged 18 or over
    • Have proof of identity
    • Have proof of your address
    • You may be required to provide proof of source of funds

    Minimum/Maximum Balance:

    • There is no minimum balance
    • The is no maximum balance

    Change in the minimum balance requirement

    From 13th June 2022, the minimum balance requirement for maintaining the Personal Current account will change.

    The customer has to maintain an average minimum balance of £5,000 every month and if the average balance falls below £5,000, we will apply a monthly fee of £15.

    This means your monthly fee over the course of a year could be £180.  

    There are no changes to how the account works.

    Here’s why we made the changes

    The overall cost of providing this account to you has continued to increase. We, therefore, took the difficult decision to make further changes to your account to ensure we meet our need to run a sustainable business.

    How to open the Account:

    You may also complete the Application Form,  and then return it along with verified copies of your Photo ID and either a Bank Statement or Utility Bill as Proof of Address dated within the last 3 months. this may take up to 15 Working Days to process, forms can be returned in the following ways:

    • In branch: Visit any of our branches Monday to Friday between 9:30am and 4pm
    • In writing: By post, sending instructions to: FREEPOST: RSSA-GJRS-KBCT, UBL UK Central Operations, 391-393 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B11 4JZ (all written instructions must be countersigned and dated by all named Account holders)

    Please make sure that you select the links below and read and understand the Personal Banking Terms and Conditions where you will find full details of the Account, before you apply:

    Personal Banking Terms and Conditions

    How we protect your deposits

    Interest Rate Sheet

    Personal Banking Schedule of Charges


    How to manage the account:

    • Mobile: search 'UBL UK Mobile Banking' in your app store to download the app
    • Internet: once you have an account, you can visit to manage your account

    Internet and mobile banking can be used to view your balances, set up payees, view statements and make withdrawals, along with a host of other useful features. If you choose a physical application route, you will need your account number and the answers to your security questions to register.

  • What services come with this account?

    Mobile Banking: manage your account on the go, view balances and make payments, including funding a remittance to Pakistan using UBL UK NetRemit and apply for new accounts with UBL UK.

    Mastercard Debit Card – make contactless payments up to £30, manage everyday spending and withdraw up to £250 per day wherever you see the Mastercard logo.

    Cheque Book – issue cheques using your UBL UK cheque book.

    Online Banking – manage your Account online using internet banking - visit

    Alerts – stay in control of your spending with our SMS and email transaction alerts, and use the mobile app to set up push notifications for certain transactions.

    Safety Deposit Box – UBL UK Current Account holders may apply for a Safety Deposit Box.

    International Transfers – send money to friends and loved ones in Pakistan using your ACE Current Account to fund a UBL UK NetRemit transaction, now available in the same app.

  • Is UBL UK a member of the Current Account Switch Guarantee?

    UBL UK is not a member of the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

  • What are the Overdraft charges?

    UBL UK does not offer arranged overdrafts, but in the event that you find yourself in an unarranged overdraft, the interest rate applied to negative balance accounts as of 14.04.20 is 28.07% Equivalent Annual Rate (EAR) Variable.

    In line with new rules, on 14.04.2020 UBL UK removed the £25 unarranged overdraft charge and now applies an EAR Variable rate, calculated daily and debited from your Account on the last calendar day of the month. UBL UK will provide 2 months' written notice of any changes to this EAR Variable rate.


    The table below shows you how much it will cost to borrow £500 based on different lengths of maintaining an unarranged overdraft with the Unarranged Overdraft interest rate of 28.07% EAR Variable.

    Example Unarranged Overdraft Period The Daily Cost from 14th April 2020
    7 Days £0.34 per day
    30 Days £0.34 per day
    60 Days £0.34 per day

    *Assuming the Account moves into unarranged overdraft, and remains overdrawn for the same balance for the specified number of days.

    In line with new rules, UBL UK does not charge an unarranged overdraft fee. However, fees detailed in the Personal Banking Schedule of Charges will still apply for all returned payments as a result of not having cleared funds in your Account. These returned payment fees may place your Account into an unarranged overdraft with any negative balances subject to unarranged overdraft interest charges being applied so it is important that you ensure there are sufficient funds in your Account to cover all payments. 

    Details of unapproved overdraft charges are detailed in the Personal Banking Schedule of Charges.

  • Additional Information

    This account can be held in single or joint names.

How to apply

By post

By post

Freepost: RSSA-GJRS-KBCT, 
UBL UK Central Operations, 
391-393 Stratford Rd, 
Birmingham B11 4JZ

In branch

In branch

Pop into any UBL branch and our staff will be happy to help. In busier periods when staff may not be immediately available, we’ll be happy to book an appointment for a later date.