Best Banking Accounts

Flexible and exclusive services for retailers

UBL BestBanking is an exclusive initiative for retailers who make their purchases from Bestway Cash & Carry, one of the largest Cash & Carry businesses in the country. Retailers can access an array of exclusive products by joining the BestBanking scheme, including;

  • BestBanking Business Account
  • BestBanking Credit Scheme

BestBanking Business Account

The BestBanking Business Account offers you products and services that are specifically designed to meet your banking needs as a Bestway retailer. The exclusive product consists of the following features:

  • Exclusivity (only for Bestway retailers)
  • Access to hassle free Overdraft Facility through the BestBanking Credit Scheme
  • Free banking for
    • 18 months: if you only have a UBL BestBanking Business Account,
    • 24 months: if you have a UBL BestBanking Business account along with the UBL BestBanking Credit Scheme

If you have been a Bestway Cash & Carry retailer for at least six months, have proof of ID and address for yourself and your partners/directors and your business identification/verification documents for your company, you are eligible to apply for the UBL BestBanking Business Account.

UBL BestBanking Credit Scheme

Our BestBanking Credit Scheme is designed especially and exclusively for retailers buying merchandise for Bestway Cash & Carry, meaning you can buy now and pay later. Retailers who utilise this offering could benefit from:

  • Easy to obtain Overdraft Facility
  • Maximum limit of £15,000
  • Free Banking for two years

You are eligible to apply for the UBL BestBanking Credit Scheme if:

  • You are a Bestway Cash & Carry retailer with a purchase history of minimum 18 months
  • Your business has been active for a minimum period of 24 months
  • You have a minimum turnover of £400,000 p.a.

Your eligibility is subject to the UBL Credit approval process.  For further documentary requirements please contact our Customer Services on 0121 753 6000.